CSR Activity

On 11th December 2021, seven (7) Sysmex Malaysia staff worked together with Kechara Soup Kitchen volunteers to distribute dry food provisions to lower income families in People Housing Project at Kota Damansara. Kechara Soup Kitchen, an NGO known for helping the less fortunate was chosen to be partnered with Greener Sysmex Committee to help some of these families. Our Greener Sysmex Committee organized a donation program and managed to raise RM2,260 funds to purchase dry food for the eleven (11) families selected by Kechara Soup Kitchen.

All participants were required to prioritize their safety during the program, for example double-masking, no direct contacts with the families, and maintaining social distancing. The recipients were also fully vaccinated, which was confirmed by Kechara Soup Kitchen to ensure the safety of Sysmex Malaysia volunteers.

As the world and Malaysia are still in recovery mode from this Covid-19 pandemic, many lower income families have been affected and are suffering during these challenging times. As shown in the news, many of them even raised the ‘white flags’ to appeal for help. Sysmex Malaysia will continue to collaborate with Kechara Soup Kitchen to organize charity activities to help the less fortunate.

Sysmex Malaysia volunteers attending the briefing at Kechara Food Bank Station in Jalan Rejang, Setapak.

Dry Food Provisions Donations ready to be distributed to the B40 families in People Housing Project at Kota Damansara.

One of the family that received the donations from Sysmex Malaysia and Kechara Soup Kitchen with our volunteers Sum Siew Hui (left) and Muhammad Nazri (Right)

Another family Mrs. Hayati that received the donations with our volunteer, Luqman Hakim.

Mrs. Rukumani and her children received the donations from our volunteer, Yuzaimah.


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