CSR Activity

Sysmex Malaysia Donated Handmade Soap to Old Folk Homes and Orphanage during Covid-19 Pandemic

During the covid-19 pandemic, the frequent and increased use of handwash products resulted in environmental pollution. Industry and research organisations need to find ecologically and economically sustainable materials to produce soaps and soaps packaging that significantly reduce the environmental impacts and decrease the risk of hazardous materials in wastewater.

Sysmex Malaysia organised an Employee Engagement and CSR project in November 2021 to make handmade soap from the natural sources and donate to the orphanage and old folk homes around our office. The purpose of this project was to raise awareness on the importance of frequent handwashing during Covid-19 pandemic to the orphanage and old folk’s home. 42 SMA staffs participated in this activity which included the process from preparing to packaged 250 pieces of handmade soap using their own creativity. Every participant was able to create their own unique soap design, and everyone enjoyed the activity.

Producing soap using natural sources and waste materials such as almond shells, oils extracted from seeds, plant-based additives, dry flowers, and waste cooking oils is a good way to avoid the inclusion of ecologically harmful raw materials such as sodium silicate, artificial fragrance, and preservatives.

We distributed the handmade soap to Ractar Orphanage and En Yuan Old Folk’s Home which are located nearby to our office in Petaling Jaya, while adhering to the Covid-19 SOPs throughout the distribution.


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