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Sysmex India Pvt Ltd, Baddi factory has been awarded the 1st prize for adopting best practices for Environment protection in the small scale industry category by BBN Industries Association, the Local Industry Association in the Baddi- Nalagarh Industrial Area.

Baddi area is one of the larger industrial area in India and under the environment initiative, BBN Industries Association confer and award those industries which adopted best practices, adopting innovations with regard to environment and its protection. BBNIA introduced awards separately for the large, medium and small industries as follows:

  • 9 Environment Initiative Awards – 3 each for Large, Medium and Small Industry respectively.
  • 1 Special Innovation Award each for Water Savings, Energy Savings and Waste Reduction & Disposal.

The team of Environmental and social activists of the region including ex-Chairman of the state of pollution control board audited and shortlisted industries among the 3,000 companies present in the region. In the large and medium scale industries category, TVS Motors, Colgate Palmolive and Unilever received the prizes while in the small scale industry category, Sysmex India, Baddi factory was awarded 1st prize. This prestigious award was presented on Earth Day on the 22nd of April. Sysmex India, Baddi factory was presented with a trophy along with a prize money of India Rupee 15,000.

“This award recognizes the creative solutions and results that are achieving some significant environmental changes. These approaches demonstrate that we can create a sustainable environment while promoting a vibrant economy.” Said Mr Frank Buescher, President and CEO of Sysmex Asia Pacific Pte Ltd.

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