2:30pm, Malaysia Time

October 25 2023

Online Webinar





Dr Nor Hafiza Binti Saad
Haematopathologist, UD54
Hospital Selayang

Body fluid cellular analysis provides important information for the diagnosis and treatment of various medical conditions, including infection, inflammatory diseases, haemorrhage and malignancy. The body fluid cell count has traditionally been performed manually using light microscopy and counting chamber, which is time-consuming, labour intensive, lacks reproducibility and requires a high level of expertise. Nowadays, many analysers are available on the market that can automate cell counting in body fluids. These analysers have been demonstrated to be rapid, reliable and accurate. However, it is important to verify manufacturer’s performance for each type of body fluids to be tested in the centre. This talk will provide an overview of body fluid analysis and the performance evaluation process of the Body Fluid analysis mode in the Sysmex XN Series Automated Haematology Analyser conducted at Hospital Selayang. We will also share our experiences in performing these tests over the past year.


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