News Release

Sysmex India’s reagent manufacturing plant in Baddi (Himachal Pradesh State) is now ISO14001 certified.

ISO 14001 is an environmental management standard (EMS) that specifies a set of requirements. The purpose of this standard is to help organizations protect the environment, prevent pollution and improve environmental performance. Some of the potential benefits of an EMS based on ISO 14001 include:

  • Encourages improvement in overall environmental performance and compliance
  • Provides a framework for using pollution prevention practices to meet EMS objectives
  • Increases efficiency and potential cost savings when managing environmental obligations
  • Promotes predictability and consistency in managing environmental obligations

“Conformity to ISO 14001 standards benefits the environment, our company and our customers,” says Frank Buescher, CEO of Sysmex Asia Pacific.“By making environmentalism a priority, we constantly strive to find better and more efficient ways to meet our eco-goals. These efforts are reflected in products with environmental value and selling power that sets our customers apart.”

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