XR-Series is Sysmex’s new flagship product line for laboratory haematology. For us, the patients’ wellbeing is the driving purpose behind our advancement of healthcare. XR-Series delivers high-quality diagnostic support in the shortest possible time through an optimised workflow, which supports not only the laboratory staff but also the clinicians treating their patients.

Our holistic service ensures we support our customers in the most comprehensive way for maximum peace of mind, so they can focus on serving their patients.

XR-Series breaks new ground in automation with the new BT-50

The barcode terminal BT-50 relieves laboratory staff from a range of manual tasks: In addition to reading barcodes, the BT-50 stores the quality control material in its integrated cooler unit. Furthermore, BT-50 manages the automated transportation of QC and cleaning materials to connected modules as scheduled – a real innovation in haematology.

Schedule settings are highly flexible, e.g., automated cleaning can be based on measurements and a set schedule to ensure a consistent performance of the analysers.

XR-Series’ new key player for automation solutions

BT-50 offers a new walk-away concept with automated start-up/shutdown and on-board management of quality control material and Cellclean Auto vials including

  • cooled QC material storage
  • automated provision of vials to connected analysers
  • waste management of empty vials

The 3D scattergrams of the XR-Series

While all Sysmex haematology analysers based on fluorescence flow cytometry have been using multiple signals to characterise and distinguish different cell populations, the two-dimensional display did not fully reflect this power of the technology. Now, with the XR-Series, 3D scattergrams have been incorporated, displaying the advanced technological capabilities of identifying and differentiating blood cell populations, in particular revealing abnormal cell populations.

Assay Data Auto-Download for a convenient QC experience

The QC Assay Data Auto-Download (ADAD) feature of the Sysmex Support Manager enables hands-free, automated download of QC and calibrator assay data. New assay data is provided via a secure Sysmex server to the analyser weeks before the QC and calibrator materials are scheduled to be used.

  • Whenever a QC vial with a new lot number is initially measured on the XR analyser, the new QC lot and level are automatically detected.
  • The QC file is registered in the XR IPU without any need for manual intervention.
  • In the same manner, calibrator data is automatically made available at calibration.

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Dive into the various benefits of XR-Series

XR-Series has evolved from XN-Series – it draws on XN’s legacy by incorporating the many strong points that customers have come to appreciate and rely on in labs across the globe. We added new useful assets and refined the approach of ‘tailoring your haematology’ even further to achieve a perfect fit for more laboratories than ever. See what’s new right here on this page.

Enjoy a worry-free, walk-away, standardised laboratory workflow

With XR-Series you can optimise your haematology workflow automation

XR-Series will help to reveal the invisible

XR-Series provides the diagnostic support you need.

From consultancy to education and more

XR-Series comes with Sysmex’s approach to holistic service.