HCLAB Blood Bank

HCLAB Blood Bank (BB) is a specialised module designed to meet the specific needs of the hospital blood banking environment.

From donor and inventory management to blood transfusion requests and compatibility verification, HCLAB BB allows complete control of your blood bank workflow.

hclab bb

Key Benefits:

  • fast, accurate and intuitive, improving the blood bank workflow and operational efficiency
  • highly flexible – configurable to every hospital’s unique environment
  • reliable, comprehensive donor and blood product management
  • full traceability of blood transfusion requests enhancing patient safety



HCLAB BB provides functionality in three areas of the blood bank workflow – donor management, inventory management and blood transfusion.

This flexible easy-to use tool enables fast and reliable blood product control and transfusion management.

Built on Windows client technology, HCLAB provides a familiar environment that ensures rapid uptake by users.

HCLAB BB is easy to install and maintain and provides a reliable platform for improving hospital blood bank services.


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