Sysmex Malaysia raised almost USD 1,000 for underprivileged children diagnosed with Type-1 Diabetes across Asia as part of Action4Diabetics (A4D).

During these trying times, with the Covid-19 pandemic raging and the business world taking jabs from an impending recession, SMA continue to give back to society while overcoming the hurdles and obstacles 2020 has placed in our path. SMA’s main distributor, Zuellig Pharma (ZP) recently invited us to join them in their virtual mission Action4Diabetics (A4D) to help disadvantaged children diagnosed as Type 1 diabetic across Southeast Asia region.

Basically, SMA employees were encouraged to register on the My Virtual Mission app and record all their outdoor activities such as Cycling, Running, Hiking etc. Depending on the activities, for completion of each kilometre of activities,  Zuellig Pharma will donate USD1-2 to Action4Diabetics (A4D). This program aimed to raise USD45,000 in order to alleviate the treatment cost of 450 underprivileged children with Type-1 Diabetes across Asia.

As Health and Charity are among the objectives of SMA Greener Sysmex initiative, 15 employees signed up and we managed to raised almost USD1,000 for Action4Diabetics (A4D), which will help the underprivileged diabetic children fund for their treatments. Concomitantly, we managed to add meaning and uplift our spirits to overcome the trials and tribulations that we are currently facing.

Some SMA employees even make it to the top 10 for the Cycling and Running category.

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