Eco Reforestation of Mangrove Plants

On November 19,2011, Greener Sysmex Committee organized a CSR event to preserve and conserve the mangrove trees that are declining in Malaysia at Sepang, Selangor. Total 45 participants from Sysmex Malaysia employees and family members participated in this meaningful event.

Upon arrival at the Environmental Interpretive Centre (EIC) Sepang, we were welcomed by the member of EIC staff and the event started off with an opening speech by our Managing Director, Mr Albert Tan followed by an overview presentation and briefing by one of the EIC staff on the nature and habitat of Mangroves forest. Mangroves are various kinds of trees up to medium height and shrubs that grown in saline coastal sediment habitats in the tropics and subtropics. Besides acting as a habitat for birds and fishes, it act as a potential barrier to protect against natural disasters such as tsunami.

Each of the participants was given a pair of glove, boots and a hoe to work on and plant a Mangrove sapling Despite the hot weather our staff and family members managed to completed the plantings of 40 mangrove saplings with great teamwork and followed by a group photo session.

Upon completion of the planting, a Sysmex signage was unveiled by Mohd Syafiq, Event Manager, Albert Tan, Managing Director and several other participants.

Lunch was served back at the EIC Centre.

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