Blood Donation Campaign – “Give Blood Save Life”

Following the contribution of SMA for flood victims in the East Coast states of Malaysia, SMA organize another Greener Sysmex Project to help National Blood Bank (Pusat Darah Negara) alleviate the shortage of blood platelet supply due to recent dengue epidemic.

On March 23 2015 with collaboration of National Blood Bank and SMA Greener Sysmex Committee organized a Blood Donation Campaign at our office. National Blood Bank managed to arrange a mobile blood donation bus which was stationed at our office as the bleeding area. While the medical examination and consultation were done at our Conference Room with 3 different check points.

For many of us this is the first experience donating blood inside a coach. It was something different and we managed to draw the public attention as blood donation usually either done at hospital or shopping mall. There are total 50 peoples registered for the blood donation include Sysmex employee, family, friend and the neighbours who work around this area. Out of this number 38 qualified as blood donors.

National Blood Bank expressed their appreciation to Sysmex Malaysia for providing them a comfortable venue and helpful team to make this blood donation campaign a successful one.

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